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Changing the way screenplays are bought and sold.

 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Aims to Recast Screenwriting Industry 
Upcoming web community offers free venue to writers, access to studios 
LOS ANGELES, California -- July 1, 2009 -- is reinventing the way screenplays 
are bought and sold. The site provides a free venue for screenwriters to showcase their works in a 
professional online interface, tailor-made for Hollywood studios while saving time and money. 
No more printing ten copies and sending them to production companies, only to be turned down. changes everything by bringing the studios to the content. 
With search functions like "star tagging" (adding a starring role to a script for consideration), a 
studio can find just about anything from "gay-interest comedies" to "biopics on religious leaders 
in the 1800s starring Cameron Diaz" -- and the site is not just bringing studios to the writer’s 
content. Actors, directors, agents, and independent investors have access to written works, can 
contact writers directly, and make a deal independent of the site. 
The company's founder, 23-year old Daniel Riser, saw an opportunity to help fellow 
screenwriters -- while benefitting the environment -- by focusing on what studios need to find 
sellable screenplays. 
"There are so many scams out there that target starving artists. I wanted to put an end to that. In 
an age when the Internet-at-large gives many things away for free, there is no reason a writer 
should have to pay to get his screenplay into the hands of a buyer,” Riser said. will open its doors to screenwriters on July 20th with a goal of 1,000 accessible 
screenplays before its global launch, scheduled for late August. 
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