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If it's acceptable to the community, a contest:

Marie Antoinette Rewrite Contest!

Remember that scene in Marie Antoinette where, far away in a longshot, a dumpy clerk comes hotfooting across the lawn to tell the King and Queen that a crowd has taken over the Bastille? In a similar spirit of jewel-toned inanity, I propose a contest.

The basic idea is to take Marie Antoinette, a film in which just about nothing was said, and in which just about nothing happened, and give it...some of that. If you liked the film, maybe there was something you'd like to add. If you disliked the film, here's your chance to show you could do better.

Three categories:

I. Scene with dialogue under six lines, or without dialogue.

II. Single scene with dialogue six lines or over.

III. Suite - between two and four scenes. With or without dialogue. For anyone who'd like to brave that well-iced petit four, the "arc."

Judging will be, much like the event whose prosecution I'm trying to keep from thinking too much about, BY POLL (on my journal, wolodymyr)
Plus judges choice.

1. Tea from Tealuxe! 50g! Your choice!

2. A sheet of Sanrio stickers! My choice!

3. Acting as your personal secretary, I will write & send a Squeeeee! fangirl autographed photo request to Kirsten Dunst. Jason Schwartzman, or Rip Torn.

4. Surprise.

All winners will have their choice from the above options.

Contest ends whenever we've picked a new President, or at Thanksgiving, whichever comes second.

Come on, why not? I'm sure, even at the remove of years, even though they'll never hear about it, Steve Coogan, Molly Shannon, Asia Argento (et al) will be grateful to get something to do.

Submit entries to: madameguillotine@ymail.com

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